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Constructive Feast Reviews' Journal
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Below are the 3 most recent journal entries recorded in Constructive Feast Reviews' LiveJournal:

Tuesday, July 17th, 2007
9:57 am
Storvik Novice Feast
Here's my review of the Storvik Novice Feast held on July 14th, 2007.  Keep in mind that I was also in the kitchen, so I knew what went into some things.  All food cooked outdoors in a field Kitchen:

1st Course - preset on tables:
Cut cheeses, olives, butter, bread rolls, bottle of water

Nothing too exciting but definitely good noshing until real food arrived.

2nd course:
Lintel Soup, Chicken w/ currant in vinegar sauce, Orza w/ parm cheese

Yummy.  Yummy.  Yummy.  
Lintels:  Started with Veges (carrots, onions, celery) Mushroom broth base.  Add spinach.  Add Lintels.  Lintels were perfectly cooked.  Me want recipe.  Me want more :)
Chicken: Chicken thighs cooked in pans and then sauce added later.  Very tasty.  Moist, yummy.  Want recipe for sauce.
Orza - Our table went back for seconds.  I don't think there was much left.  Orza w/o cheese also good next day as rice pudding w/ sugar & cinnamon

3rd Course:
Beef w/ 2 sauces (ginger & .......), carrots w/ herbs, salad with eggs

This course suffered a little from timing.  The beef was thin sliced and poached to cook.  It was a little tough and cold when it got to the table.  The sauces were good, but the dishes they were in made it hard to handle without spilling.  I put our sauces on another serving plate so they could be passed around without spilling.

The carrots were cold.  I dont' like cold cooked carrots.

Salad was good - maybe more dressing?


Prebaked pies:  Cherry, peach & apple.

Good idea as the light was fading fast and it allowed those that wanted dessert to go and get and others to begin cleaning up and packing.  
Good dinner, but we all missed the Pistatio Cream....

Tuesday, January 30th, 2007
8:54 pm
Lochmere's midwinter feast 1.27.07
I don't usually do this, but it might be a good excercise for future feasts for me:
This is not ment as critizisem, but as improvements for next time:


Breads of various designs - all good

Butters of herb, clear and honey - all good

Bag of Cheese - the thyme cheese was very good. Not sure what happened to the other one, but it wasn't seasoned quite right - not enough salt?

Period Dried Pear Slices - There were seeds still in the slices and they were very dry, almost crunchy. I found them difficult to eat.

Pickled Cabbage - very very ummy. And I don't usually like saurkraut. I went back for seconds.

** General** I wanted more real food as this was the Noon (lunch) remove. I was wanting soup or something. And I was confused by getting Saurkraut at this point. 2 starches (bread & kraut) at one time.


Gourd Soup - a little thick for my liking. The onions were also not as cooked as I would like them. Carmelizing the onions before adding to the soup might have been better. The taste of the gourds was generally good.

Rounds of Chicken - a bland, but good texture & moisture. The plum sauce wasn't out when I got this course. I think it was meant to go with the chicken. I carry a salt spice mix along with my feast gear and used it to dip in - really tasty that way.

Plum Spread - was not out when I went thru - didn't taste it.

Pies of Tasty Cheese - the ones I had (plain cheese) were very good. Some of the more well done ones were a little crunchy on the bottom.


Whine & Honey Sauce - what was this for? didn't have any cuz I didn't know what to put it on...

Heathen’s Cakes - would have likes a description as to what it was. I didn't eat it cuz it looked odd - some kind of meat & apples on crust. More description would have helped.

Brats and Other Sausages - VERY good. Good size too. Not what I expected in size but still good.

Beans of Green and Spices - very good. Tasted some vinegar I think. Put a huge pile on Jamie's plate and they were all gone.

**General** - Where's the mustard? Starch? Would have served the heathen cakes at the first remove and the saurkraut this remove.

**At this point I was 1/2 packed up and getting ready to go. Court was at 5pm, so this came out following, but almost immediately after it came out, people started breaking down the hall (drapes, etc). I personally don't care for Venison, so I didn't eat any of this remove. This I believe was poor timing on the Autocrates part. You can't stop people from leaving, but you also can plan something for the 7pm slot as a "finish" to the event so that people will want to stay.**

Leeks and Onions Spiced
Roast of Wild Game (Venison)
Pudding of Apples
8:51 pm
Storvik Investiture 1.20.07
Here is my review of the feast from Storvik. Keep in mind that I was tired, dealing with a 4 yr old and not enough water all day. I also attended the Test Feast so I know what it was "supposed" to taste like, so I might be bias.

1st course:
Consommé - good. Think serving it via pitchers was a good way to do it. Kept the soup hot and no ladling needed.
Bread -
Cheese -
Sausages - I don't care for hard salami, but it was easier to eat thin sliced than the test run.
Olives -
Figs in the French style - not as "powerful" wine tasting as the test run, but still good. Maybe could have soaked longer.

**General** Good first course.  Soup warmed me up and the variety of Noshing bits made me happy.

2nd course:
Herb Dish - the herbs were not cut as fine as the test dinner.  I kept getting bits stuck in my teeth and there were chunks of cheese that didn't seem to get mixed in right.  I was disappointed cuz I liked it so much at the test dinner.
Rice the Italian way - yummy.  yummy.  We stole from the next table.
Fish with orange sauce (white fish) - Fish was good, sauce was good.
Apple fritters - I liked them, but I wanted more apple bits than I got - mine were mostly dough.

**General** There was too long a lag between these 2 courses for me.  Finding out later about the fryer fiasco, I understand why, but I would have gone ahead and served the course and maybe just sent them out with the 3rd course.  Yes, having a "sweet" in each course is nice, but since modern palates arent' quite used to it, I think they could have gotten away with serving them at the end.

3rd Course:
Onion salad - I'm glad the portions were small that came to the table.  I really like this about LLT's feasts.  A big bowl of this would have been scary. (esp if the bowl was brown).
Cheese gnocchi - not a huge fan of gnocchi personally.  The texture just throws me off.  But others liked it...
Pork loin with two sauces - pork was a little more done than I like and not as warm as I like but under the circumstances of a feast I know why.  It was still good with the sauses.
•Garlic & virjuce sauce
•Royal sauce (a ginger sauce)
Sauce with apples
Golden Sops - very yummy with the apples.  All I wanted was powdered sugar to be very happy.

** General**  This course came out faster, which was nice.  The family was being to melt down.  Portions were good, meat load was good.  And it looked attractive.  No vege in the final remove (well, there was the onions....)

Well balanced couses (meat/starch/vege).  Not too much food.  Sweets enough for my tastes (which is saying something).  Wouldn't change the couses except for the "field conditions" problem.
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